Proven Holistic Approaches
for people who suffer

Chronic pain and want to
Reduce their pain
so they can get Back
Living the Life they Love!

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Are you looking for new ways to manage your pain and reduce your discomfort?

Then join 25+ Experts and learn Holistic techniques that decrease your pain, improve your function, increase your energy, get better sleep,  and enjoy life fully again!

Does any of this sound familiar?

You cringe in pain as soon as you awake in the morning.
You're missing out on the things you loved to do.
You haven't slept because pain has kept you awake all night.
You're sick of feeling miserable.
You struggle with frustration, anxiety, stress or depression.

 It's time to enjoy life again - with less pain!

Get ready to...

Discover new strategies to decrease pain.
Feel like your old self again!
Do what YOU want to do, WHEN you want to... without pain!
Sleep better!
Enjoy more walks with the dog, go for a bike ride, work in the garden, go swimming!  
Have an improved quality of life!

All Access Pass Includes:

Access to an amazing lineup of presentations from 25+ incredible experts (until June 2023).
Downloadable audio recordings of all presentations
Self Care Intention Journal 
25% of your first VoxxLife order 
Curated Reading List

Meet Your Expert Speakers 

Jason Eastwood

"Raising the Vibration" 

Dr John Ryan

"The Deeper Roots of Pain and Healing:  Exploring the Human Energy System and Consciousness in Healing"

Joana Talafré 

"Leveraging your brain's ability to change for a pain-free life"

Betsy Muller

"Tapping into Greater Comfort"

Deanna Hanson

"Fascia Decompression -
The Missing Link in Self-Care"

Colleen Thompson

"Aromatherapy for Pain"

Cindy Perlin

"Biofeedback and Neurofeedback
for Pain Relief"

Susan McCulley

"Mindful Movement & Balance Practice for Pain Relief"

Karen Wrinkle

"Craniosacral Therapy and Chronic Pain"

Susan Ezra

 "Use Your Body's Own Medicine: 
The Power of Your Imagination "

Blake Tedder

"yoga and Pain"

Dorothy Drew

"Hypnosis and Subconscious Release Technique for Pain"

Kathy Welter

"How Neuroscience is changing the face of Pain Management"

Yelena Tselenchuk

"Quantum Biofeedback"

Dr. Joe Piazza

"Neuroplasticity - 
It's Easy to Understand!"

Rachael O'Meara

" 3 Keys to Avoid Pain Using the Power of Pause"

Dr. Julie Lynn Derwart-Reh

"Tapping Into Your Inner Healing Power"

Sarah Roberts

"Making the connection: How to hurt less, feel better, and fall in love with your amazing body!"

Bonnie Flemington

"Gain Control Over Your Inflammation, Pain & Digestive Issues"

Penny Lee Prevost

"From Vision to Victory:
the Body's Way"

Melissa Reynolds

"Yoga for Fibromyalgia"

Donna Henhoeffer  &
Dr Yasmilde Rodriguez Gonzalez

"The Invisible Cause
 Of Chronic Pain"

Rachel Epstein

"MindMedicine: Pain Relief through Mental Imagery"

Crystal Hawk

"Emotional Freedom Technique: Spreading the Word"

Catherine Rannus

"Music: food for the Soul"

Jay Dhaliwal

"Skin to Brain: the science of VoxxLife"

Cedric  Bertelli & Lynh Nguyen

"Revealing and resolving hidden emotions causing pain"

Meet your host

The concept of holism became the foundation of my nursing practice early in my career.  Concepts such as Maslow's hierarchy of needs; the determinants of health;  the concept of wellness and illness being on a continuum vs finite states; and my in depth study of Cicely Saunders and "total pain," (pain that has physical, psychological, social, emotional, and spiritual components), reinforced to me that while medical care was important, it was not the answer to all our ills.  

While my role as a Registered Nurse has ended, I enjoy helping empower others on their journeys. I offer Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, Unity Field Healing, Reiki and glass mosaic classes.  

I am also passionate about promoting a Canadian company, whose non invasive and drug free products help to decrease pain.  Stay tuned for Jay Dhaliwal's presentation on Friday, June 17th to learn more about this exciting, scientific advancement and how it is changing the lives of so many! 

Sincerely, Trish

© Copyright Trish Rossiter 2022

 © Trish Rossiter 2022

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